Psychologist Discovers That Dogs Dream About the Humans They Love

dog dream

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Do you ever wonder what a dog dreams about when they sleep? Well, there’s a psychologist from Harvard named Dr. Deirdre Barrett who believes that dogs are likely dreaming about the people who take care of them. Although Barrett says there is no way she can be 100% sure about this, she has been studying human sleep behavior for years and says that human sleep behavior is very similar to dogs. After all, humans and dogs are all technically animals which is why their sleep cycles are so much the same.

Scientifically speaking, humans and dogs both have less brain activity when they sleep. They’ll both even develop Rapid Eye Movement which is the last phase of sleep before the dream cycle with humans normally occurs. So, there is no reason to believe that dogs don’t have dreams when they enter this cycle too. As to what they are actually dreaming about, this is merely an educated guess but it only makes sense that they would dream about their human masters. They are the people the dogs see every day and they are the center of their whole world.

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