20 Adorable Photos of Sleeping Animals That Will Make Your Day

Sleep, as you know, is a fundamental part of life. You need it, your dog or cat needs it, and even animals in the wild need it. There’s nothing better than seeing photos of cute animals.

Here is a list of our animal friends who are the cutest sleepers. Check out these cute and beautiful images of 20 sleeping animals!

1. Sometimes, even breakfast isn’t worth getting out of bed for.

sleeping puppy
© Unknown / Imgur

2. Of course he’s sleeping in a panda-themed bed.

sleeping panda
© CutestPaw

3. It’s his turn to be the pillow.

sleeping puppies
© CutestPaw

4. Never underestimate the power of a sleeping bag.

sleeping dog
© Handicapreader / Reddit

5. This cat is so relaxed he’s practically melting.

© HeyBeepMeep / Reddit

6. “She is very protective of her ducklings.”

© bluuui / Imgur

7. Everyone needs a good cuddle buddy to keep on hand.


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8. Time to get on the sleep train.

sleeping kitties

9. The middle of the day is the perfect time for sleeping.

sleeping kitty

10. The stages of a good sleep… it’s almost hypnotic.


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