Hidden Images in Cartoon – Top 10

Racist Donald Duck

Anyone who is watching Donald duck is been used with the busted language of Donald. He even called Daffy a “nigger”, which is really wrong. This is one of the many scenes wherein Donald mentioned nasty and harsh languages which made Wal Mart pulled Mickey Mouse from the shelf in 1995.

 Take off your clothes

This is one of the reasons why Disney films are banned for several years since it is allegedly conveying sexual messages to the children.

 Jessica Rabbit’s Lady garden

The animators of the animation claims that the Jessica doesn’t wear underwear in some scene such as Jessica and Bob Hoskins is in the taxi and running in a lamp post.

disney subliminal

The Rude Rescuers

During 1999, Disney Company announced that they are going to have a recall in the 1977 home version of the movie The Rescuers. It consists of “objectional background image” specifically on the scene wherein Bernard and Bianca flied over the city. However, as they pass through on a window a topless woman is seen.

 Sexy Beast

In the Beauty and the Beast, many scenes were leading into the concept of sex and satanic activities. There are also scenes which involved immorality. Source: http://listverse.com/