Exotic Oasis Town That Thrives in the Middle the Driest Place on the Planet

The Infamous Oasis in Peru

Located in the driest desert in the entire world in the country of Peru is an exotic, almost magical oasis town that is home to many hotels, shops and even an ‘oasis library’. This mystical town, home to descendents of the Incas, is known by the name of Huacachina.

Mystical Oasis Town

In the Middle of the Dunes

Surrounded by the extremely dry and hot yet quite elegant and picturesque barren sand dunes of Peru is a beautiful yet small oasis town with no more than a total of 96 residents.

Mystical Oasis Town

Mystical Oasis Town

An Aerial View

The oasis in the town of Huacachina is located approximately 4 Kilometers from the southern city of Ica and approximately 300 kilometers south of Lima. Huacachina surrounds a naturally formed, extremely peaceful lagoon that is quite attractive and picture-perfect.

Mystical Oasis Town

A tourist hotspot

Even though Huacachina is quite small in size, the town is, nonetheless, a tourist hotspot because of its location and the wonder that its existence is. The entire town lives off the revenue it makes form the tourists who visit.

Mystical Oasis Town

Mystical Oasis Town

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