What Is Something That Happens In Every Movie, But Never Happens In Real Life?

Every movie might have its own world with many weird things or unreality. A Reddit user asked ‘What is something that happens in every movie, but never happens in real life?’ and here are 30 of the responses.


every moviespoookykid

if a girl is arguing with you in real life and you kiss her to shut her up she will most likely not appreciate it



When the mother of the house has spent four hours making breakfast for the whole family with like 3832523 ingredients that cover the entire kitchen table and the dad or son or whatever walks by, grabs an apple and says they don’t have time to eat because they’re late for work. I’m pretty sure that person could be legally murdered in real life


every movieVictorBlimpmuscle

Young professionals or college students living in HUUUGE, fully furnished apartments in the city



5 bad guys attacking the hero ONE-AT-A-TIME…


every movieksozay

Movies – “wtf was that!” Don’t bother turning lights on. Go look…

Real life – my wife hears something “wtf was that! Wake up! Go check!!!!!” Turns every single light on, locks the bedroom door behind me, has 911 ready to dial. Constantly yells for me to give an update. Allows me back in the door after triple confirming my identity, using the secret password…. oh that noise?

Dog farted.



When the girl that the main potagonist likes doesn’t like him back, so the main potagonist bothers and stalks her for so long that she finally falls in love with him. In real life she would probably call the police.


every movieFonolockoly

USB stick goes in the right way



Lead actor sits down at bar: “Get me a beer.”

Movie Bartender: *silently gets beer*

Real-life Bartender: “What? What kind of beer? We’ve got 20 beers on tap and an extensive bottle list. Do you want a menu or something?”


every movieanonymous

Becoming popular after taking down your ponytail and removing your nerdy glasses.



In movies with any kind of trial scene there’s always a dramatic moment where one of the attorneys presents a witness or piece of evidence that completely changes the course of the trial. Something that neither the judge or opposing attorney knew about.

Like sorry buddy, but the discovery deadline was a month ago