What Is Something That Happens In Every Movie, But Never Happens In Real Life?



A person going from drunk to sober in 5 minutes because they drank a cup of black coffee.


every movieTopLack3

They don’t make keyboard mistakes or have to backspace. Movie characters get it on the first shot, whether it’s sending a text or hacking into the Pentagon.



Boarding a plane after the gate has closed. No, not even for true love!


every moviepistachiosandstuff

5 machine guns somehow missing the protagonist in the room



Characters can hear every word of dialogue perfectly in a noisy environment.

Captain frantically whispering to the private – “I need you to charge that machine gun nest.”

Private – “um actually I can’t hear you I’m completely deaf from 3 hours of constant gunfire.”


Grocery bags in movies ALWAYS have unwrapped French bread and some green leaf lettuce sticking out of the top.



I’ve worked in a hospital as a nursing assistant and I can hardly stand to watch any medical related movies now. They always depict the doctors as being closely involved with patient care and doing everything the patient needs, such as handing out meds, conducting tests, etc. This simply doesn’t happen in real life. While the doctors do make a care plan, there are hundreds of other professions in a hospital setting that carry out that plan. Nurses hand out meds and do wound care, NAs help patients with activities of daily living, a transport team takes patients to their tests where other nurses/techs actually conduct the tests. It’s an intricate system that doesn’t revolve solely around the physicians. Don’t get me wrong, I have all the respect in the world for doctors and I plan on going to medical school, but movies do so many other jobs in healthcare an injustice by not depicting what they actually do.



every movieCDC_

People cough and it’s always indicative of an incoming terminal illness. A phone rings and it’s terrible/pertinent news.

In real life people cough because there’s something tickling their throat or because they swallowed something funny. You answer a phone call and Liz is trying to sell you a cheap stay in Las Vegas even though you’ve told that c**t to f**k off more than three times in the last month.



People that are experts in their highly scientific field are not usually young and hot. It takes a long time to become so highly qualified for nuclear physics and that sort of thing. But no, in movies, it is always someone that looks to be in their mid 20s at the latest.


every movieBooner999

The phone only rings to move the plot along. IRL my phone only rings due to scammers or bots calling from an Arlington, Va number.