20+ Times Grandparents Made Life More Interesting

31. This Has To Be My Favorite Picture Of My Grandpa. Well And Technically My Grandma Too

funny grandparentsI_like_meth

32. When Grandpa Discovered Facebook

funny grandparents

33. When My Grandma Died I Found This In Her Room, I Laughed So Hard And I Made Me Much More Happy

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34. I Ordered A Wonder Woman Costume Online. It Was A Little Big For Me When It Arrived And My Grandmother Said She Wanted To Try It On. This Is The Fabulous Result

funny grandparentspopofcolor

35. So This Is What Happens When Grandma Watches My Son And She Has An Abundance Of Wigs Lying Around From Her Cancer Treatments

funny grandparentsxxJOHNNYUTAHxx

36. Found This Hidden Behind Some Jars In My Widowed, 86-Years-Old Grandma’s Kitchen. I Guess We All Have Our Dirty Little Secrets

funny grandparentsL0rdtater

37. Grandma Tried To Record The Halftime Show

funny grandparentsnatsdorf

38. Three Broken Ribs Yet Grandma Still Knows How To Keep Her Spirits Up During Hard Times

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39. My Grandfather Used To Brag About All The Pool Parties He Went To At His Friend’s Backyard Pool. Just Found An Old Photo That Revealed This Was The Pool

funny grandparentsGaryland2002

40. Grandma Enjoying The Baseball Game

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