20+ Times Grandparents Made Life More Interesting

1. Neighbours Claim The Speeding Problem On Their Street Has Been Solved After This Grandma Started Using Her Hair Dryer

funny grandparentsnamraka

2. So It Was My Grandma’s 69th Birthday, I Thought You Might Enjoy The Cake She Made

funny grandparentsMorDeCaza

3. ATM Security Level: Grandma


4. My Grandma Got Bit By A Pelican On The Pier And Then Began To Scold It

funny grandparentsSchnarf_Shnarf

5. Grandma Put A Magazine Cut Out Of Leonardo DiCaprio Over Her Late (Not So Nice) Husband’s Face. The 80+ Year Old’s Version Of Photoshop

funny grandparentsJoshPatson

6. Found On A Grandma’s Camera After A New Year’s Cruise

funny grandparentsyes_no_yes_yes_yes

7. My Grandparents Were Waiting For Each Other At The Mall

funny grandparentsbigred1987

8. My Grandma Posted This On Facebook This Morning

funny grandparents


9. My Friend Had A Medieval Themed Wedding And Her Grandpa Showed Up Like This

funny grandparentsreddit.com

10. Prankmaster Grandma

funny grandparentsThe_Red_Spectre