20+ Times Grandparents Made Life More Interesting

21. My Grandpa Had An Amazing Sense Of Humor

funny grandparentsWestleyThe

22. My Grandma Thinks This Might Be Her Last Year, So This Is The Photo We Took At Christmas Dinner (We Are Not Religious)

funny grandparentsdevanteswiing

23. My Grandma With Alzheimer’s At My Wedding. She Asked – “Where’s The Body?”

funny grandparentsImTheMistake

24. Grandpa Does Not Want To Be In Painting Class

funny grandparentsstephenlloyd_dot_net

25. Princess Leia And R2D2 (My Grandpa’s Costume)

funny grandparentsmoonicourt

26. My Grandpa Keeps A Detailed Record Of All Maintenance On His Car In This Memo Book. This Was His Last Entry:

funny grandparentsYoung_Guy_Old_Soul

27. My Italian Grandma Came In Town. This Is Her Suitcase

funny grandparents20dollarchill

28. My Grandma Has Had This “Decorative Rock” On Her Table For 8 Years. I Don’t Have The Heart To Tell Her

funny grandparents


29. My Granny Knitted A Sombrero For My Hamster

funny grandparentsPurple_PickleCat

30. My Grandma Thought This Was A Cross So She Hung It Up. I Decided Not To Correct Her

funny grandparentsThe_Man_Named______