20+ Times Grandparents Made Life More Interesting

11. My Friend Posted A Picture Of Her Grandparents On Thanksgiving, It Definitely Needed More Exposure. Cheers To Being This Cool When I’m Old

funny grandparentstotallynotdoogie

12. I Left My Pajamas At Home But My Grandma Said She Had Something I Could Wear And Then She Brought Back This

funny grandparentsandrewlowe

13. Grandma’s Butter Dish

funny grandparentsesteigs99

14. I’m Going To Hell But She Looks Like The Grandmother From Tweety, Right?

funny grandparentscameragirlsp

15. My Friend’s Grandma Commented On Her Status

funny grandparentsCarlNicklin

16. My Best Friend’s Grandma (83-Year-Old) Made Herself A Profile In Facebook Today. This Is Her Profile Picture

funny grandparentsGoldierenee

17. Getting My Grandma A Camera Phone Was The Best Decision I Ever Made. The Cat Might Disagree

funny grandparentsSka_Jones

18. Came Back From Work And Found Out Grandma Patched Up My Distressed Jeans. I Can’t Stop Laughing, Lol


19. My Grandmother Pins Cat Hair To Trees So Birds Can Make Luxury Nests. So Damn Thoughtful

funny grandparentsimgur.com

20. My Husband’s Grandma. The Resemblance Is Uncanny

funny grandparentsMissAshley214