30 Times Artists Fixed Tattoos With A Better Looking

21. Beautiful Cover Up By Tattooist Muha

fixed tattoosdwdwaterdrop

22. Love This Floral Cover Up!


23. Zombie Pinocchio

fixed tattoosmicha_h_artwork

24. From Derp Knight To Dark Knight


25. Peacockblob Transformation Done By Whitney At Boss Tattoos In Yyc

fixed tattoosm-o-u-se

26. Blackout-Tattoo Cover Up (Trypophobia Anyone?)


27. The Bird (Remember Kurt Halsey?) Was Done Back In 2005, And The Little Leaves In 2010. Last Year In 2018, I Decided To Get A Cover Up. The Artist, Jen Tonic Who Is Currently Located In Berlin, Designed The Tattoo. The Poppy Is My State Flower

fixed tattoostraanne21

28. Before And After My Coverup


29. Rocket Cover Up

fixed tattoosfireblade_tattoo

30. Had Gotten A “Kiwi” Tattoo With My Chihuahua Footprint In It, Great Concept But Horrible Work. Recently Got It Covered By A Wonderful Artist Who Saved The Paw Print And Gave Me A Great Piece Of My Soul Pup