30 Times Artists Fixed Tattoos With A Better Looking

Tattooing is an art and it’s quite possible to create as bad ones as good ones. People shared artists fixed tattoos with a better looking and here are 30 of the fixed tattoos.

1. Pikachu

fixed tattoosDarkStarFTW

2. Just Wow


3. An Amazing Portrait Tattoo Fix

fixed tattoosdwdwaterdrop

4. Flowers Cover Up


5. I Like Both The Before And After Of This Tattoo, But A Well Done Rework Nonetheless

fixed tattoosdwdwaterdrop

6. You Can’t Lie, This Is A Good Fix


7. Fantastic White Rabbit Rework By Ali Burke At Highwater Gallery, Swansea UK

fixed tattooswhitestainedwood

8. Wow What A Difference


9. Cruci-Fixed

fixed tattoosretardvark

10. Amazing Difference