34 Times People Shared Their Terrible Tattoos In Foreign Languages

People shared their terrible tattoos in foreign languages that they were tattooed without know its meaning. Tattooing is great art but it is always dangerous to be tattooed in foreign languages without search for it rigorously. Here are 34 tattoos that will make you laughed.

1. Well That’s Just Unfortunate…

terrible tattooshanzismatte

2. Why Human Translation Is Valuable

This one has been making the rounds. Apparently, this young lady wanted to surprise her boyfriend with a tattoo that reads “I love you”. Instead, it reads “Babylon is one of the world’s leading dictionary and translation programs”

3. I Meeeeeean…

terrible tattooshanzismatte

4. Funny-Language-Tattoo-Fail


5. Much Appreciated

This is a particularly cruel prank. What this actually says is “ana mu’affan”, “I am rotten”.

6. They Certainly Were “Taken Advantage Of”

terrible tattooshanzismatte

7. Funny-Language-Tattoo-Fail


8. Her Tattoo Says “Fresh Spring Rolls” In Thai

terrible tattoos


9. “A Queef Perhaps”, Indeed


10. Never Use A Hungry Tattoo Artist…