30 Times Artists Fixed Tattoos With A Better Looking

11. Mary Who? I Only Love Marge

fixed tattoosnoijonas

12. Beautifully Executed


13. Alien To Cat

fixed tattoossinanyldz_tattooer

14. Cover Up Done By Rodney Eckenberger


15. One Of My Favourite Backpiece Cover Up

fixed tattoosalex_santucci_tattooer

16. Got This One Done A While Ago, What Do You Think About This Bad Guy On A Guy’s Leg? Imo It’s An Awesome “Funny” Tattoo Which I Love!


17. Little Before & After

fixed tattoosreddit.com

18. Compass Taking Me No Where Now Takes Me Everywhere


19. If This Can Be Covered Up Then Anything Can Be

fixed tattoosdwdwaterdrop

20. Cover-Up