40 Times People Share Evil Buildings They Came Across

Some buildings are far from being ordinary. People encountered evil buildings and shared. Here are 40 of the most interesting evil buildings.

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1. This Is A Fire Station In Italy. Hail Hydrant!

evil buildingsEvery_form

2. The Bridge That Loki Built


3. I Found Sauron In Pittsburgh

evil buildingssavvyf*ck

4. Maybe All These Evil Buildings Are Just Misunderstood


5. The Witch’s Den

evil buildingsAyo-Glam

6. When A Simple “Do Not Enter” Sign Just Won’t Do


7. Boss, The Camouflage Shield Is At 66.6% And Failing!!!

evil buildingsTeillu

8. 100% Real Pic, Somewhere In Belgrade, Serbia


9. When Your Neighbor Is A Super Villain But Everyone’s Ok With It Because- “Look At His Manicured Lawn”

evil buildingsAyo-Glam

10. Bottomless Pit