40 Times People Share Evil Buildings They Came Across

Some buildings are far from being ordinary. People encountered evil buildings and shared. Here are 40 of the most interesting evil buildings.

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Factory. Donetsk, Ukraine

The original Transformer!😃


Southeast Financial Center

Southeast Financial Center is a two-acre development in Miami, Florida, United States. It consists of a 765 feet (233 m) tall office skyscraper and its 15-story parking garage.

Southeast Financial Center was constructed in three years with more than 500 construction workers. Approximately 6,650 tons of structural steel, 80,000 cubic yards of concrete and 7000 cubic tons of reinforcing steel bars went into its construction. The complex sits on a series of reinforced concrete grade beams tied to 150 concrete caissons as much as ten feet in diameter and to a depth of 80 feet. A steel space-frame canopy with glass skylights covers the outdoor plaza between the tower and low-rise building.

China’s 26-storey pig skyscraper ready to slaughter 1 million pigs a year

The worlds biggest single-building pig farm and slaughter house- Ezhou, Hubei province, China – about 80km from Wuhan; but critics say it will increase the risk of larger animal disease outbreaks.


Boss, The Camouflage Shield Is At 66.6% And Failing!!!

BNL-BNP Paribas Headquarters 

Designed by Italian firm 5+1AA Alfonsa Femia Gianluca Peluffo Architectures, the BNL-BNP Paribas HQ in Rome has a mirage-like appearance made possible with clever structural glazing that reflects the buildings surrounding on all sides and changes appearance depending upon the time of day and weather conditions.

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