Evil Marketing Techniques That All Are Disastrous

11. By Opening The Envelope For The License Agreement, You Agree To It


12. Walmart Employee Here. We Were Given These Shirts Today. Walmart Profits Billions Off Of This Pandemic, Then Compares Their Sacrifice To WW2 Veterans

marketing techniquesTehAwkwardOne

13. This “Dual” Camera Smartphone Doesn’t Have Two Functioning Cameras


14. Went In For The $1.99 Lunch Special. Sorry Sir, That Says $7.99 Lunch Special

marketing techniquesJeffTrav

15. When You Thumbs Down Trash Like This On Netflix But It Keeps Coming Back At The Top Of Your Homepage


16. False Advertising Should Be A Felony

marketing techniquesanniemaymoo

17. My Mother Recently Passed Away. This Morning I Thought I Got An Email From Her. Nope, Just A Spam Tabloid Naming Their Contact “Mom”


18. Unremovable Ads On My $2,500 Samsung Smart TV

marketing techniques


19. This Packaging. Was Wondering Why It Ran Out So Quickly


20. The Mixed Signals Of This Shoe Sale Advertisement

marketing techniquesMNgirlinaNDworld