Evil Marketing Techniques That All Are Disastrous

Some companies use such disastrous marketing techniques that they are hard to believe.

Here are more about marketing.

1. Trashy Company

marketing techniquesmkbhd

2. Man, That’s Really Cheap… Oh


3. Packaging For These Markers

marketing techniquesChev_350

4. And During A Pandemic

Colon Brew

5. I Have An Ad In My Fortune Cookie

marketing techniquesFull_Metal_Machinist

6. Bought A Chicken Pot Pie Thinking It Was The Size Of The Outer Tin Before Cutting Into It And Seeing This Monstrosity


7. So Basically Every Price

marketing techniquesBrendanTFirefly

8. New Cereal Box Is 11% Taller With 1.6% Less Cereal


9. Imagine Cleaning A Fan So Well That You Uncover 2 New Blades


10. That Would Explain Why My Ankle Hurts

marketing techniquesASAPxSyndicate