Evil Marketing Techniques That All Are Disastrous

21. Walgreens Replaced Their Freezer Window Panels With Screens That Constantly Flash/Move And Don’t Even Accurately Represent What’s Inside The Fridge


22. Dish Network Sent Out Advertisements In Envelopes That Make It Look Like A Special Occasion Card

marketing techniquesPie-Makers-Mistress

23. This Post Card Is Made To Look Like It’s From The Dealership. It’s Printed To Look Like The Information Is Smudged So That You Will Call Them


24. I Live In Minneapolis, Some Jerk Is Leaving This In Tip Jars Around Town Ahead Of Trump’s Rally Today


25. This “Avocado” Oil

marketing techniquesBoringGrass0

26. I Just Found 20 Tunisian Dinars (7.5 Dollars) On The Ground, Then After Opening It, It Was Just An Advertisement For Some Stupid Discount


27. An “Empty” Ink Cartridge That Probably Could Have Printed Another 50+ Sheets

marketing techniquesAnonymous_None

28. Sign The Contract Without Reading It Please


29. They Took Away The In-Store Signage To Force You To Download Their App

marketing techniquesJustDewItPLZ

30. This Website Hilariously Just Stretches The Pixels To Turn Regular Clothing Into “Maternity” Clothing