Inspiring Examples Of Creative Bus Advertising

The advertising world uses buses as a moving canvas for creative and effective ambient ads. Here are the most ingenious bus ads from all around the world.

1. Copenhagen Zoo: Snake Bus

bus adsBates Y&R

2. National Geographic

bus adsunknown

3. Netflix: Stranger Things


4. King Kong Movie

bus ads

5. Ready To Quit?

bus ads

6. SF: Americans Abroad, Vote!

bus adsUncle Grey

7. The Accordeon World Championship


8. Aladdin


9. Colorectal Cancer Association Of Canada


10. Arts University Bournemouth: Boombox Bus

Creative Forager

11. Specsavers: Bus Crash


12. International Organization For Migration

bus adsMcCann

13. Duracell

bus ads

14. Compassion In World Farming: Stop Live Exports

bus adsElvis

15. Perth Zoo: Come To The Zoo Before The Zoo Comes To You

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