39 Weddings That Make People Think ‘This Ends In Divorce’


ends in divorcepsnWaikato,Andrey

I work in the industry (side hobby) and I saw it before entering.

Recent husband came to me, a total stranger to him, and asked what I would do if I found my fiance f**king her dance partner 3 weeks before the wedding.

I just shook my head and walked away.

2 months.


Joveticklemyballs,Anders Sandberg

I ran a fairly upmarket hotel & restaurant that sometimes hosted weddings. Made a rookie error and booked in a wedding for Christmas Eve. This should have been a warning sign, as it shows a pretty significant lack of consideration for friends and family making them travel across the country on one of the most irritating days of the year, when we’d all rather be at home with family preparing for the next day.

They turned up 3 hours early and the battle axe of a bride proceeded to shout at us for not being prepared, surrounded by her incredibly embarrassed but not unsurprised family.

There were various other red flags throughout the night, but the main one was when the husband got blind drunk on whiskey and asked me to go to his hotel room with him and “break him in” as a married man. I politely refused.


bryannadz,San Sharma

When I used to work the occasional wedding on weekends there was this one couple that made me think yea she’s going to end up alone. She took the microphone in the middle of a song that everyone was happily dancing to and then kept saying “it’s my day but I’ll wait til your done your conversation!” “Don’t worry it’s only my wedding day” “helloooo bride wants to talk” blah blah it was hella rude, when she was finally satisfied with the silence she started her speech by berating everyone for taking so long to be quiet and then went on to talk about how she’s so happy and she loves her husband and don’t take the centre pieces. It was awful if I was a guest I would’ve taken my gift and left


ends in divorcefurry_hamburger_porn,Francesca Cappa

I’m a musician and the son of a wedding photographer.

I’ve actually played in a band whose leader, on the wedding day, took a deposit for the divorce party that was to follow. The groom’s mother laid it down and said “I give it six months”.

Nine months later, there we were, and there she (the bride) wasn’t.


Rebel-Yellow,Jérôme Decq

I’ve shot a couple of weddings and the worst “yikes” one involved a bride who would glare at the groom nearly 97% of the time. Made my job getting good photos to try and paint the day in a happy light near impossible and when grilled with the “why didn’t you get more shots, I paid for your service didn’t I?” From the bride was awkward as hell. To be fair I only barely was able to scrap together enough to meet the contract’s expectations due to the bride scowling the majority of the time. For some added context; it was a relatively small family/friends only wedding and held on some land that one of the parents owned. The groom was having fun and talking to all sorts of people introducing himself to those he hadn’t met and was overall a really cool dude who was super excited for the whole event, the bride was a contemptful bridezilla that hated he was having fun and the attention wasn’t solely on her, I’d detail more but some of the .. ‘events’ of the day can only be explained with some details that would dox me pretty quick to anyone at the event. This was the one that made me get out of wedding photography.

From the context of Facebook they got divorced about 3 months afterwards. The groom had nothing but nice things to say about my work and how glad he was I got shots of him and his now late dad together smiling, while the bride complained about just about everything. “Why didn’t you get any good pictures of me and my mother?!” Because literally half an hour after I arrived on sight you had told me you were avoiding her because she ‘was a selfish b**** who shouldn’t even be here.’ Ugh. While profitable it is such an exhausting market/industry.


ends in divorcedelnorteduck,Shepard4711

I used to drive a limo and did a few weddings. This one Saturday afternoon I am picking up both bride and groom, best man and maid of honor.

Poor groom has his arm in a full cast and immobilized with a steel rod. Turns out he had shattered iy a week earlier while riding an ATV.

They all get in the car and the bride-to-be starts ragging him hard core, telling him he is such an idiot, he has ruined the wedding, he is such a loser. She is not letting up and not letting go. Obviously she knew about the injury so it wasn’t a surprise. She was just using it to drop F bombs and other unwholesome words in his general direction

I pull up to the church and she and the maid of honor leap out and go into the church. The best man asks if he still wants to go through with the wedding, and the poor dumb schmuck says yes with the enthusiasm of a sleepy sloth.

I just wanted to say “No, dude. Dont spend the next few years with that Witch B****.” But he was getting out of the car by then. I dont know how it turned out, bit I am sure it wasn’t good.


Kind_Athlete_281,Ben Francis

Catered weddings for a year or so, here’s some of the more bat s**t ones off the top of my head:

Entire wedding party dropped molly about an hour into the wedding, bride was colossally f**ked up while the groom looked like he s**t himself while staring at the alpacas they hired to take pictures with. (Yes they hired alpacas, no I don’t know why.)

Bridezilla screamed at our serving team for serving too much chicken and not leaving enough for her, after she refused to eat untill 3 hours past dinner service. Groom was nowhere to be found after that.

Brides mom tried to f**k one of our chefs, a very good looking 6’3 italian man. Bride had to pull her away from the kitchen two times, causing a fun argument between the brides mom and dad. Bride started crying and the groom decided to disappear to go take a few shots instead of comforting his wife.


ends in divorceMarvelousShiggyDiggy,Rick Obst

I don’t work in the wedding industry but I have a depressing wedding story.

I have a friend who I grew up with, she was always gorgeous and incredibly popular with guys and I always thought she was a great person. As I got older I came to realise she was actually extremely toxic in relationships and did better when she was single. She had been seeing a new guy for two months when one day I receive a wedding invitation in the mail. Knowing her history it was a massive red flag for me. I turn up to the wedding and it’s at a gorgeous little backyard type wedding, it’s spring and everything looks perfect. I greet her family and it’s like I’ve turned up to a funeral, not a wedding. They’re all extremely solemn and when I ask about the groom her mother rolls her eyes and says “This. Is. A. Mistake.”

Wedding commences and as the bride comes down the aisle her face is grey and like she would rather be anywhere else. They exchange vows while the bride does everything in her power to not touch her husband to be, even standing a solid metre away from him as they stand at the front. She actually cringes and looks away when he gets choked up saying how much he loves her. When the priest announces the kiss the bride takes a slow step forward and presents her cheek for him to kiss instead of her lips. No one cheers, it’s just an awkward shuffling of feet and a few scattered claps. It was the worst wedding I’ve ever been to.

They lasted about 3 months, before separating.



Probably 2 late but after seven years in the industry 2 stand out.

I. Groom focused on “the boys” all night. Rarely saw the bride and groom together. In his speech he mentioned the bridesmaids and groomsmen the proceeded to spend the rest of his speech talking about his new place of “hierarchy” in the family. Never mentioned her. 3 months later it was over.

Second and most favourite. TLDR: bride drives herself to the ceremony, pops the Ute and skulls a drink in front of the guests. Is drunk before the reception begins. Shows the mc she’s not wearing anything but her garter under the dress. Pulls her strapless dress down to show me her nipple. Groom spends whole night outside chain smoking. And that’s the short version.


ends in divorceWhoRUAgain,Lee Haywood

I’m a wedding photographer, and the first red flag was how much flipping money they were spending. They had multiple venues, one was a golf resort. Really fancy schmancy. Could’ve bought a really reeeeally nice car with that kind of money. Down payment on an expensive home kind of money.

Second, when I showed up to do the getting ready shots in their house the husband’s family was really nice to me, almost treated me like a family friend. Whenever she was brought up his family would look at me and make a face or roll their eyes, obviously not happy with his choice of lady. It seemed implied that since they already had a kid that I guess he haaaaas to… which was kind of sad.

I had half a mind to tell him that he didn’t have to get married if he wasn’t happy. Which I may have implied very gently.. Not professional I know but she was kind of a monster, not just the day of, but even after. In my opinion, she treated her new husband really poorly. Right after the ceremony, they were outside and she was already yelling at him about something. Just checked, and they’re still married but according to her posts she’s antivax.