Loving Husband Prepared A Year’s Worth Of Food For His Wife Before He Went Into The Army

Chinese native Zhao Mai may be missing her husband even more than normal after discovering the lengths he went to keep the freezer and cupboards packed with food. Yin Yunfeng was leaving to do his service with the Chinese army, but before shipping off he took the time to make a years’ worth of meals for his lucky wife. Making soup, dumping and various prepared meals; he also took the time to hide her favourite snacks and treats around their home.

loving husband

Even more touching was the not he left her, which read “You’re so focused on your work and have so much to read when you get home that I want to make life easier for you.”

loving husband

Here’s a container of raisins hidden by the sofa, for easy snacking.

loving husband


Any wives reading this will be pretty envious, and for any husbands, it’s time to get your act together!

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