Awkward Family Photos Account Shares All The Funny, Cringy Family Pics

Awkward Family Photos is an online platform that invites people to submit all the funny, cringy, and of course, awkward moments their family has caught on film.

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1. “They encountered a black metal band during their engagement shoot.”

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2. “My favorite picture of my parents. Them on their wedding day, 1991.”

3. “Found this version at my grandma’s. If anyone in the family had broken up with a significant other, she had a Sharpie ready to joyfully remove the offending partner.”

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4. “Dad was sure the church photo would only be taken from the waist up.”

5. “We had the worst wedding photographer in the world. I think this says it all.”

family photos

6. “I was going through the pictures when I saw I totally blocked my husband out with my big hair. Then a good friend of mine pointed out the bush in the background looks like a demon.”

7. “When the preacher said ‘Kiss the bride,’ my four-year-old decided to put a finger in my butt.”

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8. “This is a photo of my Ma and Pop out on a date in the ’80s. My mom must have followed the instructions on my father’s shirt because 9 months later I was born!”

9.“Here’s my Mom and Dad in September 1970. Credit to the photographer for the special effects pre-photoshop.”

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10. “My parents leaving their wedding reception for their honeymoon road trip in a VW van. 1971.”