People Share ‘The Downsides Of Modern Development’

11. Disgusting Canal Near My Home In Manila. I Wish People Just Would Bother To Care How Our Environment Is Dying Fast

modern developmentAgentFive005

12. Ferentari, The Poorest Area Of Bucharest, Romania – Most Apartments Are Squatted And Have No Electricity, Hard To Believe This Is In The European Union


13. The Flag Of Urban Hell

modern developmentthefridgeinthegarage

14. Las Vegas


15. Macau

modern developmentFishMonkeyCow

16. Huntington Beach, California, During The Oil Boom Of 1928


17. Not Sure If This Fits The Sub, Gallons And Gallons Of Water Wasted Just To Keep Lush Green Golf Fields In The Middle Of The Desert

modern developmentruny05

18. 16th Century Mill Surrounded By Brand New Concrete In Seaside Bulgaria


19. This Beautiful View From My NYC Apartment

modern developmentSlenderFinger

20. Guangzhou Aerial