Guy Shares 30 Disturbing Facts That Might Ruin Your Day


disturbing facts

Toddlers have adult teeth that are right under their eyes.


Doctors went into surgery to remove what they thought was a tumor. It turned out to be what looks like a pine tree growing in this man’s lungs. Experts say it more likely came through aspiration rather than a seed growing inside of his lungs.


disturbing facts

Humans have enough bite power to bite off their own finger. The only thing that stops us is our brain’s natural protection mechanism.


There were once sea Scorpions the size of a great white shark.


disturbing facts

Dogs like Squeaky toys because it sounds like prey that has been frightened or injured.


During World War II, Japan bombed China with fleas infected with the bubonic plague.


Locked-in syndrome is a medical condition where you can only move your eyes while the rest of your body is paralyzed. Basically, you can be trapped in a coma like state and be aware of it.


disturbing facts

Genghis Khan significantly reduced carbon in the atmosphere because he killed so many farmers where all their farms just turned back into forest.


In the Victorian era, people used to take photos of their dead relatives in lifelike positions in order to keep them as momentos. Photography was so new and expensive that this was usually the only time someone had their picture taken.


There are over 200 bodies on Mount Everest and they are used as waypoints for climbers.