Disturbing Facts That You Wish You Never Knew

Reddit users u/Literal-Pile-of-Poo and u/Yoloextreme345 asked some disturbing facts that people wish they never knew. Here are 30 of the responses.

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disturbing factsrasslinsmurf

When X-ray technology first became widely available to pediatricians, they noticed a startling high number of broken bones. Befuddled doctors assumed there was a previously unknown pediatric bone disease being observed for the first time. Turns out we had no idea how common child abuse is.


Humans, being mostly Carbon, can be made into diamonds.

I plan to go the cheaper route and have my ashes be rolled into a glass paperweight. Some day I might even end up on the shelf of a Goodwill for $2.99




Giving birth has higher mortality rate than having an abortion.


disturbing factserror606nofucksgiven

Whales don’t die from old age they just lose the strength to pull them selves up for air and slowly sink and drown



Right now, your Government is doing things YOU think only OTHER Governments do.


disturbing factsMagic-Baguette

Three of the air packs that were found on the wreckage of the Challenger disaster were activated, meaning at least one of the astronauts was alive all the way to the ocean.



I was told by a very senior police officer (a parent of a kid I taught) that it is estimated that 30% of all missing persons reported to police who are never located have been murdered and more often than not they have been murdered by the person reporting them missing in the first place. The police know this, but lack evidence to proceed with prosecutions.


disturbing factsSueSudio

Doctors used to perform heart surgery on infants without anesthesia. Thankfully this practice was ended.

In the 1980s.


A Jewish doctor treated Hitler’s Mother(The only person Adolf ever truly loved) while she was dying of cancer.

He promised his eternal gratitude to the doctor and even after becoming a pathological anti-Semite and later the Fuhrer, he was true to his word and was adamant the doctor and his family be placed under protection from the purge.

While some may think this an act of genuine kindness, I just think about all the lives lost because Hitler never stopped to think that all Jews were capable of good and not just the one who happened to have been good to him because of immediate proximity..



When I was younger: realizing that adults don’t have a clue what they are doing half the time either was the biggest wake up call.