20 Amazing Responses To The ‘Didn’t Want A Dog’ Challenge

Dogspotting Society public Facebook group created ‘didn’t want a dog’ challenge. And people are sharing their wholesome stories about their dogs under the ‪#‎didntwantadogchallenge‬‬ hashtag.

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Storm came to me one late night 10 years ago when a rescue I fostered for called needing an emergency foster. I had been working exclusively with shepherds and knew nothing of huskies. Two fosters had already bailed on her and they were in a pinch. “Take her home and keep her kenneled, she’ll prolly try to eat your cats” she said. “It’s only for one night, as we have an adopter lined up for her tomorrow” she said. I’ve never felt a bond that was more instantaneous. I picked her up at 930 pm and at 9 am I called them and told them to tell the waiting adopter whatever they needed to, but this dog was home. I wasn’t looking for a dog, let alone a breed I knew nothing about. But I knew she was mine. In the ten years we had her, she welcomed many many foster dogs (literally hundreds), along with a few cat and kitten fosters. She was perfect, and we made our way to get qualified and start Therapy dog work, visiting hospitals, retirement homes, and teens in crisis. She brought joy to so many. She didn’t walk…she pranced. She hated dirt, grass, water…anything that would diminish her beautiful, plush fur. She never met a stranger. I can still hear her wooo-wooo. Thank you for reading and getting to know this gem. Part of my heart left with her. The dog I never asked for, and didn’t know how much I needed. She passed last month at 15.5 years. She was indeed….magic.

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My grandpa’s dog had passed a few years back and he swore he wouldn’t ever get or love another dog again. Long story short…. Delilah is now the love of his life, and they hold hands.


“Fine, you can bottle feed but you have to promise we are not keeping any of them… “ Meet Jasper, our first bottle baby and my husbands daschund?

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My ex told me we weren’t having a a dachshund when moving in together, knowing I’d grown up with them since I was 11.
So when he couldn’t decide if he wanted to be with me or not, I decided I wasn’t going to be just an option.
1 month later I got the house we were getting together and my mum got me the best gift of my life.
My Ralph <3 I’d say I upgraded to a better bearded bloke! What do you guys think? Single and living my best life with my best friend.


6 years ago my husband went to the shelter and called asking if he could bring this guy home. I was still pretty heartbroken after losing our last dog and wasn’t ready yet, but he insisted. Those two were best buds immediately. My husband passed away suddenly 4 years ago, and even though he left behind his big, smelly dog, who doesn’t believe in personal space at all, I’m so thankful to have him.❤


Mom: “What do you think about getting a new puppy?”
Dad: “Absolutely not!”
Mom: *goes and gets pup anyways*
Dad: *comes home to said pup*
A few weeks later…
Mom: “What do you say we give him to the grandkids?”
Dad: “ABSOLUTELY NOT! He’s my little man!!”


Picture 1: My initial text to my husband. Picture 2: My husband meeting found puppy. Picture 3: My husband said “I’ll just go get him a harness so we can walk him” and came home with a Kong harness that I knew was not cheap because I had looked at it for my other dogs and been like “nah, too expensive.” (That’s when I knew we were keeping him.) Picture 4: Guess who Walker Delwood (that’s what my husband named him) loves more than anyone (even though I’m the one who stopped traffic and rescued him out of the middle of the road)? Yep. My husband. They’re BFFs. (I’m ok with it because I have two other dogs and they love me the most.)


When we got married he was adamant about not having dogs ever. I begged and begged, and he agreed that I adopt a GSD puppy from the shelter. That was the beginning. Fast forward 31 years later, we had 40+ dogs together, currently 22 of them still with us. And hubby is the biggest sucker when it comes to our doggie babies ?❤️?


I was 22 years old and working as a veterinary technician. It’s not that I didn’t want a dog, but I had no intention of getting one at this point in my life. A breeder client who’s dogs I absolutely loved, had a litter and 2 out of 11 pups were born with cleft palates, another with a cleft lip. They tried their best with all 3 special needs babies, unfortunately the 2 cleft palates pups didn’t make it. The 3rd little runt puppy started to thrive after a few weeks of being tube fed and bottle fed. They even did surgery to try to repair her cleft lip. Unfortunately the stitches didn’t hold, so she came in to have them taken out. At the point of this puppy’s appointment (also a vet check for the whole litter) the clinic was very busy, and the doctor asked me to take this puppy to back to remove her stitches – everyone else was busy so I had to do this alone without someone to restrain her. I decided to sit down and I put the little puppy on her back in my lap. The biggest, sweetest brown eyes just started up at me, her legs flopped to the side and she just laid there calm as could be while I removed several stitches from her face. It was love at first sight, I knew in that instant I needed this particular dog in my life and she had to be mine. The breeders agreed and a couple days (what felt like an eternity) later I brought home my baby girl. The little cleft lip runt went on to not only out grow many of her litter mates, but also lived the longest. I lost my Penelope last year after 9.5 years. She was the best thing that ever happened to me, and she will forever be my heart dog ❤️


Me: “Let’s go to the pound and check out some rescues just to pass the time”
Him:” No, because your gonna want to come home with a dog and we already have three…”
Me: “No,not at all. I just wanna look” [picks up puppy]
Me: “Can we get this one?”
Him: “Step away from the puppy, Stacy”
Me: “Wait! Let’s talk about this for a minute ”
Him: “Come on, we can always come back if we decide we want to get him” [turns around and heads towards the door]
Me: “But what if he’s not here when we get back… ”
Him: “Seriously right now!? Is it going to make you happy?”
And BAM! The first photo was taken of dad holding his new best friend. As you can see my husband was absolutely thrilled. Okay, not really lol
Now these two are inseparable and no one wants to hang out with me lol

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