20 Dog Photos Before & After Adoption

A little love can change the life of a dog. These changes will warm your heart.

1. A Korean Family Rescued This Golden From A Breeding Facility. Went From15 Lbs To A Healthy 60 Lbs


2. My Gorgeous Pupper With Her Puppies Before I Adopted Her And Now 3.5 Years Later


3. Meet Anna! She Was Living On The Streets Of Italy Before My Mom Brought Her To Germany. Now She’s Happy And Loves Her Buddy Iluq


4. The Shelter I Volunteer For Has Incredible Before And After’s


5. We Found Her Infested With Fleas On The Curb 3 Months Ago. Her Name Is Sky And She Likes The Rain.


6. When We Met Her In The Shelter My Daughter Immediately Started Whispering In Her Ear “Your Okay, We’ll Take You Home And Keep You Safe, We Love You Already”


7. From A Severe Case Of Mange And Dumpster Diving In The Streets Of San Antonio To 3 Months Later Loving Life, Growing, And Learning Sign Language! Meet Our Deaf Dog, Rue!


8. Gus Gus Was Saved From The Meat Trade In China. He Just Moved Into His Forever Home And Now Gets To Spend His Vacations In Tahoe


9. Adoption Day vs. Today. She Has Come A Long Way And Is Spoiled Rotten


10. New Foster Pup Nic, She’s Come So Far Already!