30 Dads Who Didn’t Want Dogs In Their Lives

21. My Dad Didn’t Want Me To Get A Dog, But Now He Treats Him Like A Baby. Rubs His Back Till He Falls Asleep


22. And My Dad Said He Didn’t Like The Dog


23. My Dad Didn’t Even Want The “Damn Dog”


24. After Having To Put Down Our Dog Of 14 Years, My Dad Was Hesitant About Getting A Puppy. I Think They Needed Each Other


25. My Dad Always Said He Didn’t Want A Small Dog. He Just Gave Her A Bath And Loves Life


26. My Dad Is The One Who Didn’t Want Me To Get Another Dog In The First Place

dads didnt want dogsBridget_Happens

27. When Your Dad Tries To Act Like He Doesn’t Like Your Dogs Because He Thinks They Smell, But Then Your Mom Sends You These Pics

dads didnt want dogskelsi_mack

28. When I Moved Home A Year Ago, My Dad Said He Didn’t Want A Dog Because They Were Messy And Would Destroy The House. Now These Two Are Besties


29. Dad Tries To Say He Doesn’t Like The Dogs… I Come Downstairs To This


30. After 3 Years Of Saying He Would Never Get Another Dog. Meet My Dad’s Rescue Pup Grace

dads didnt want dogsmore_milky