30 Clever Ideas, Hotels Surprised Customers With Their Creativity (New Pics)

Some hotels go the extra mile to make their customers’ stay that much more pleasant with creative ideas. This awesome list of clever ideas and unique touches will surprise you with their creativity!

Part I | Part II

1. I Asked The Hotel If I Could Bring My Cat. This Is What We Arrived To

creative hotelsDocCaliban

2. Blessed Hotel Staff


3. This Hotel Gets It


4. When Your Hotel Staff Go The Extra Mile


5. Towel Animal Left By The Hotel Staff


6. Awesome Hotel Gesture

creative hotelsJenAshleyWright

7. Instead Of A Bible, My Hotel Room In Philadelphia Has The Constitution And Declaration Of Independence


8. Missed Out Camping This Year, So I Asked For A Tent In My Hotel Room

creative hotels


9. This Hotel In Singapore

creative hotelsmtlgrems

10. I Ordered Snacks From Room Service And They Sent A Refrigerated Robot Butler To Deliver Them