20 Times Hotels Surprised Everyone With Their Creativity

1. This Hotels Pet Policy

creative hotelsSumFuckah

2. Instead Of A Bible, This German Hotel Leaves A Copy Of The Un’s Declaration Of Human Rights

creative hotelsukdanae

3. Looked Underneath My Bed At The Hilton Hotel

creative hotelstroymen11

4. This Hotel Checklist Reminds You To Steal The Toiletries

creative hotels10585900

5. My Hotel Gives You A Rubber Ducky

creative hotelsflyingTacoMonkey

6. This Hotel Has A Pillow Menu… With Pillow Samples

creative hotelspickup_thesoap

7. My Hotel Encourages Theft Of Its Stationary

creative hotels_TonaldDrump

8. My Hotel Phone Has A Number For Bedtime Stories

creative hotels


9. This Hotel In Singapore Incorporates Landscaping Into Its Facade

creative hotelsJajaloo

10. This Bedside Lamp At My Hotel In Japan Can Be Half Lit

creative hotelsNokqua