10+ Clever Ideas, Hotels Surprised Customers With Their Creativity

Some hotels go the extra mile to make their customers’ stay that much more pleasant with e the creative ideas. This awesome list of clever ideas and unique touches will surprise you with their creativity!

1. A Buddy Of Mine Travels A Lot For Work, Asked For A Fort…

clever hotel ideasNoYolo4Jesus

2. My Hotel Wants You To Take The Nice Soap Home!

clever hotel ideasTroutingAround

3. My Hotel In China Has A Card To Give To A Taxi Driver So You Can Find Your Way Back

clever hotel ideaswhy_im_single

4. This Hotel Actually Makes It Easy To Connect Your Laptop To The TV

clever hotel ideas4kVHS

5. This Bag Of Old/Stained Face Towels Have Been Re-Used As “Rags” At This Hotel

clever hotel ideasSlipperyPockets

6. Hotel Staff Found Fifty Shades Of Grey Book On Guest’s Side Table…


7. The Toiletries At My Hotel In Switzerland Included A Rubber Ducky


8. Weather Station At A Hotel

creative hotel ideas


9. More Hotels Should Do This

clever hotel ideasmjomark

10. This Hostel In Germany Is An Indoor Vintage Rv Park