These Crappy Wildlife Photos Are Very Good At Being Bad (Part VI)

31. Hellooo

Kelsey Šraděja

32. Got A Bit Of A Fright When I Went To Make Some Burgers The Other Day. After A 3 Day Stay In Our Fridge, He Was Released To A Local Pond. Always Check Your Green Croak Lettuce!

crappy wildlifeZara Bailey

33. Snapped This Pic At Niagara Falls A Few Years Ago

Jennifer Sterna

34. It Figures That The One Time In My Life I Can Get Close Enough To A Cardinal To Get A Good Shot, It Would Be This Guy

crappy wildlifeDawn Doherty

35. Hmm, Interesting Door To Door Salesman. What Do You Think He Wants?

Rachel Hoxmeier

36. I Think She’s Taunting Me…

crappy wildlifeGrasyn Black

37. **warning** Wholesome Content Ahead

Shelley Hamlett

38. Hey,hey To All From Estonia!!!

crappy wildlife

Kristin Roosiaas

39. Note To Self-Don’t Leave Office Window Open Over The Weekend

Andrew Parker

40. A Friend’s Photo Of The Same Possum Looked So Cute, But Mine Just Turned Out Like This

crappy wildlifeHannah Fairbairn