These Crappy Wildlife Photos Are Very Good At Being Bad (Part VI)

21. I Planted Some Hawk Seeds Last Fall, I’m Glad One Came Up!

Patti Ciccarelli

22. Wet Squirrels Look Like Something From The Apocalypse. This Poor Guy Fell Out Of A Tree And Into Our Pool Just Moments Before

crappy wildlifeLisa Levitzky Currell

23. Mom! Don’t You Recognize Me? I’m One Of Your Cats!

Leslie Kline Capelle

24. I Would Like To Speak To You About Your Car’s Extended Warranty

crappy wildlifeJessica Diamond

25. So Annoyed With This Photo Bombing!

Maria Whitehead

26. He Did Not Appreciate Me Telling Him That We Weren’t Open, And He Couldn’t Come In

crappy wildlifeChelsea Siemon

27. My Friend Sent Me This Photo And I Cannot Stop Laughing. Geese Just Wake Up Everyday And Chose Violence

Austyn Grover

28. I’ve Waited A Long Time For The Perfect Place To Unveil This Gem Of A Trail Camera Photo. Thrilled This Group Exists

crappy wildlife

Nicole May Wilkinson

29. They Are Not Suppposed To Be Able To Stand Up Like That

Andrea Steis Wunderlich

30. Taking Out The Security Camera

crappy wildlifeLorraine Paton