These Crappy Wildlife Photos Are Very Good At Being Bad (Part VI)

11. Me When The Tequila Hits

Jimmy Golian

12. Perfect Exposure? Great Focus? Worthy Of National Geographic? Crap Photo Of A Squirrel

crappy wildlifeMichelle Gallacher

13. Selfie With Some Of Our Yard Animals

Michael A. Sanders

14. Spotted While Hanging In My Hammock Out Back

crappy wildlifeKristin Becker

15. One Of My Favorite Photos I’ve Taken

Ken Hansen

16. Was Out In The Yard… Bent Down To Smell This Rose And Take A Picture. It Wasn’t Until After I Got Up That I Noticed “The Punisher” Just Waiting There…lol

crappy wildlifeBarbara Bracke

17. I Was Thrilled To See An Owl Actually Moved Into The Owl House We Put Up A Few Months Ago. The Evicted Squirrel? Not So Thrilled

Amy Warren

18. I Don’t Know How To Explain This

crappy wildlife

Brian Lee

19. I Think I Really Captured The Beautiful Texture Of Aspen Tree Bark

Michael O’Malley

20. From A Friend Of A Friends Kitchen Window This Morning In NY

crappy wildlifeNiki McGuire