These Crappy Wildlife Photos Are Very Good At Being Bad (Part VI)

The Facebook group, Crap Wildlife Photography collects spectacularly terrible and awful wildlife photos. Here is a list compiled from some of the best-failed shots!

Here are our ‘crappy wildlife photos’ previous posts.

1. Took A Picture Of A Deer Today

crappy wildlifeAndrea Kitson Vesper

2. I Came In Like A Wreckingggg Ball…

Gina DeGregorio

3. My Friend Found A Bobcat In Her Backyard Using Her Pool As A Toilet

crappy wildlifeTeresa Mixon Gomez

4. Show Off

Show off

5. When Your Landing Is Just A Little Off

crappy wildlifeGina Spyker Fairfield

6. Nailed It! Prints Are Available

Chris Clay

7. My Father-In-Law Mowed Half The Lawn, And Then Went To Empty Out The Collected Cuttings

Kathy Padilla

8. Wt F’n F. ?!?! Lets Get A Bird Feeder She Said. It’ll Be Fun She Said

crappy wildlife

Miichael Murzyn

9. Thanks For The Add… First Time I Ever Got Flipped The Bird By A Duck

Lori Hall

10. My Son Sent This

crappy wildlifeKim Ford