People Share Vintage Photos Of Their Parents Who Were Definitely Cooler Than Them

21. My Mom Working As A Dj, Late 1970s

22. My Dad Was A Popstar In Argentina. Here He Is With Ella Fitzgerald, Mid 1960s

23. My Dad At The 1966 International Science Fair. He Was A Finalist In 65, 66, And 67. In This Picture He Created A Perfusion System To Keep A Rat Kidney Alive When Removed From The Body, Like A Heart-Lung Machine

24. Me Looking Up To My Fighter Pilot Dad In The Late 1980’s

25. My Mom And Bob Ross During An Event In Central Park, NYC In 1989

26. 48 Beers And A Unicycle. My Dad In The Early 80s

27. My Parents When They Were 16 And 17 (1987). They’ve Been Together For 34 Years Now

28. My Mom In The Early 90s. She Painted Her Own Shield

29. My Mom And Arnold On A Date In The 70s

30. My Cool Mom Partying With Robin Williams And Billy Crystal In LA, 1982