People Share Vintage Photos Of Their Parents Who Were Definitely Cooler Than Them

11. My Mom, 1954. She Came To America In 1948 At Age 18. She Hardly Spoke English And Was Looked Down On Because She Was German And A War Bride. She Later Did Some Modeling – This Is Just One Of Many Beautiful Photos We Have Of Her

12. My Mom In ‘78, Glendale, Ca. Newly Immigrated From Japan And Working Her Butt Off -But Still Managed To Save Up And Buy This Chevy Impala For $500

13. France, 1985. My Mom Feeding Me Backstage During A Ballet Dancing Show

14. My Pregnant Mom At Gunpoint Trying To Get Home. May 1969, Berkeley

15. Mom, Circa 1970, After Completing Her Master’s, The First Woman In Her Family To Do So

16. My Mother Skateboarding Barefoot In California, 1974

17. My Mom And Dad Building Their House In 1953. My Mom (91 Now) Still Lives There

18. My Mom’s All Girl Rock Band In The 60’s

19. My Mom Was A Boston Park Ranger In The 80s

20. My Dad In The Late 80s / Early 90s. One Of The First Rockers In China