People Share Vintage Photos Of Their Parents Who Were Definitely Cooler Than Them

People are sharing photos of their moms and dads on the subreddit r/OldSchoolCool. Take a look at vintage pics of these cool parents.

1. My Mama Circa ’83. This Explains Why I’m The Uncoolest Person Ever, Cos She Took It All! Oh And That Bike? She Built It


2. My Mom At 18 Years Old Protesting The Kkk In 1976 Atlanta, Ga


3. My Mother When She Was A Tank Instructor In 1984


4. My Mom Would Always Talk About How She Was An Editor For Tiger Beat Magazine When She Was A Teenager In The 1960’s. She Would Brag About Spending Time With The Stones And The Beatles. We Always Thought She Was Telling Tall Tales. Uncovered This Pic Cleaning Out Her House Last Week

5. Late 1960s, My Dad


6. My Dad Made Anything Look Cool (1981)

7. My Dad Skateboarding At Hyde School 1982. I Think He Was Cooler Than Me


8. My Dad Sculpting A Bust Of My Mom, 1980s

9. My Dad And Friends Look Like The Cast Of Stranger Things (1982)

10. My Mom Looking Like A Queen On Her Wedding Day 1979