40 Clueless Americans Who Surprised People In A Terrible Way

Clueless or dumb people are everywhere and they continue to make people surprised by their dumbness. People shared clueless Americans with their interesting things in a Reddit group and here are 40 of them.

1. “I Get That Native Americans Are Upset, I Get It”

clueless americansreddit.com

2. “Who Was The First Country On Planet Earth To Ban Slavery? That’s Right, America”


3. You’re On The Internet, Which Is American

clueless americansNulligravida

4. America Is The Reason You Have Cars

clueless americansLazyFlamingRooster

5. Should Ask Them If Jews Matter Too


6. Well Allocated Funds

clueless americanslNoahl

7. Pridemonth


8. ‘People Who Leave Their Phones Set To Military Time Are War Criminals’


9. Go To Panama, This Is America

clueless americansPontoisien

10. How Do You Prevent People From Jumping Off Like Idiots?