40 Clueless Americans Who Surprised People In A Terrible Way

11. “More People Use Imperial Than Metric”


12. “He Is (Your President)”

clueless americansmeesseem

13. People Engaging Me In German Because I Look German


14. The Ambulance Is Not Your Taxi To The Hospital

clueless americansalematt

15. Where Does It Say In The Constitution Or Any Of The Amendments That Eating Is A Human Right?

clueless americansLiam_Noble

16. “More People Know About Our Smallest State Vermont Then The Amsterdam”

clueless americansParticular_Edge2308

17. “We Will Never Rewrite The Constitution”


18. Your Haircuts Are Un-American

clueless americans


19. Wishing “Evil” On A Country Is Pretty Mean

clueless americansgenius23sarcasm

20. Hmmmmmmm