40 Things That Are Normal In The US But Nowhere Else

There are many things that are only normal in the US but nowhere else. Many Americans think that they are quite normal but most of them might be really bizarre except in America. People posted things that are only normal in the US and here are 40 of them.


normal in USGTrav44

GoFundMe being an acceptable replacement for a health care system



Literally being too poor to go to the doctor, but have too much income for any kind of assistance


normal in USImpossible-Buy-4090

Tipping as a wage subsidy. Many countries don’t have tipping and those that do generally tip a small amount for good service.

Also displayed prices not including taxes or other fees.



Pronouncing corruption as “lobbying”


normal in USOfficer_Cat_Fancy_

Assuming that everyone on the internet is American until proven otherwise.



The pledge of allegiance. If you tell people here that in America they make kids stand up and recite some prayer to a flag every single morning, they’ll look at you like you just grew a third arm.


normal in USdowntimeredditor

I want to say for-profit prison systems.

These things are f***** up. If the state doesn’t keep up the prisoner quota they gotta pay a fine to the company they owns the prison.

So this basically makes them try to keep existing prisoners



Gender reveal parties


normal in USspammmmmmmmy

People who angrily DO NOT WANT healthcare.



Having the restaurant take your credit card – in most countries it’s considered impolite to disappear with the card as they might write the digits down to charge extra later. Therefore they normally bring a portable terminal to your table so you can keep the card in eyesight and have the (optional) tip actually charged when the card is run and not added after the fact.