40 Clueless Americans Who Surprised People In A Terrible Way

21. I Am Confused Is There A Rome In Italy?


22. Why Is Munich Spelled “München” On Signs In Germany?

clueless americansMerlin428bretz

23. “…your Hip Would Break Because Their Medical Staff Is Garage…”


24. Do You Guys Have Refrigerators?

clueless americansanotherwankusername

25. “Offended By Our Patriotism, Wattpad Girl?”

clueless americansKWAKUDATSU

26. The Titanic Is Just A Movie, Right?


27. Can’t Compare Those Other Cities To The Us

clueless americansSokaKu93

28. “I Am In Rhode Island”. “Nice, Ever Been To The USA Before”?


29. Biden’s America


30. “At Least American Toilets Aren’t Just Holes In The Ground”

clueless americansRogueArtemis