40 Clueless Americans Who Surprised People In A Terrible Way

31. What Does He Care? He’s Not A Us Citizen, He’s Not Effected

clueless americanssandiercy

32. Would Love To See Some Of These Countries Try To F With Us


33. “The White House Is Bigger Than All The Countries You Named”

clueless americanstheelleintraveller

34. “I’d Rather Receive False Information…”

clueless americansTheemuts

35. Being Broke In American Is 100% On You


36. Commie Divas


37. (Sad) Mistake A North Korean Flag For A Texan Flag

clueless americansGriffinFTW

38. But We Can Pock Whatever Doctor Or Healthcare Insurer We Want! We Win


39. “They Started Faking An Accent”


40. Why Do Brits Speak English, An American Language, Rather Than Speaking Some European Language?

clueless americansDasGespenstDerOper