30 Funny Pics That Show Cat Beds And Cat Logic

21. Got Them A Bed And 10 Different Blankets, They Won’t Sleep Anywhere Else Than On My Laptop Bag


22. Sent My Mom A Cute Cat Bed For Her Two Cats. She Sent Me Back This Picture

funny cat logic bedsughnowhy

23. How To Get Your Cat To Use A Pet Bed

funny cat logic bedslavernica

24. Expectation vs. Reality

funny cat bedsmuzamirahman

25. He Has Access To About Seven Cat Beds But He Prefers Hanging On The Back Of A Chair. Why


26. Bought Him A Nice Cat Bed- Refuses To Use It Without The Box Inside It

funny cat bedsgarbazobean

27. Got Emmylou A Cat Bed

funny cat logic bedsunbreathless

28. Best $300 I Ever Spent


29. I Just Spent $70 On A Cat Bed And Woke Up To Find This


30. Ruby Loves Her New Bed

funny cat logic bedserdington