30 Funny Pics That Show Cat Beds And Cat Logic

11. 4 Beds For 3 Cats And They Do This


12. My BF Spent 3 Months On An Outdoor Heated Cat House For My Guy. Hasn’t Stepped Into It

funny cat bedsbathtime85

13. My Cat Has Been Sleeping On My Pants On The Bottom Shelf Of Our Closet Lately, So I Asked My Wife To Move The Pants And Put A Cat Bed In There. Cat’s Response

funny cat bedsshane_il

14. My Cat Has Never Quite Figured Out How His Bed Is Supposed To Work

funny cat bedsRobertAPetersen

15. Five Beds And Ten Chairs In The House. He Sits On The Eggs

funny cat bedschaosgirl93

16. Cat Logic Is Beyond Reality

funny cat bedstravelakoa

17. Bought Our Kitten (Mac) A New £40 Bed And Walked In To Find Him Asleep Like This


18. Cat Logic

19. Money Not Well Spent


20. My Girlfriend Brought A Pot To Bed Because She Felt Ill. The Next Morning We Woke Up To This