30 Unbelievable Things Women Did In The Past Just For Beauty

There have been some very weird beauty practices in the past. Here are vintage photos of unimaginable things women did just for the sake of ‘beauty’.

1. A Full-Faced Swimming Mask Helped Protect Women’s Skin From The Sun, 1920s

Hulton Archive

2. A Woman Having A Seam Painted Onto Her Leg, To Make It Appear That She Is Wearing Stockings, 1926

Fox Photos

3. Rita Perchetti And Gloria Rossi Try Out Their New Portable Bathhouse So They Can Change Their Clothes After Sunbathing On Coney Island Beach, 1938

4. 10th Century Chinese Tradition – Foot Binding

Jo Farrell / Living History Projec

5. Faceless Beauty Contest In Cliftonville, 1936

Austrian Archives

6. “Ironing” Hair, 1964

7. Before The Invention Of Sun-Screen In The Mid 1940s, Bathers Wore Garments Like This Freckleproof Cape To Protect Themselves From The Sun. The Cape Also Features Built-In Sunglasses

8. French Breast Washer, 1930s

9. Portable Hair Dryer, 1940s


10. Tape Worm Diet, 1900s