30 Hilarious Pics From People Posted On The ‘Blunder Years’

21. My Dad Found My 2011 High School Id Card In His Closet Today


22. I Don’t Even Know What Happened In 6th Grade

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23. Playing In An Irish Folk Band 2002, At 15 Or 16 For The Queen’s Golden Jubilee Celebrations In The Local Rec Of My Hometown. I Went On To Say “God Save The Queen And Her Fascist Regime” Down The Mic. The Violinists Parents Went Mental At Me

blunder years photos ftbbbbbb

24. At 16 I Was A Seasonal Employee At Hot Topic. I Got 3 Hours A Week And Spent More With My 20% Discount Than I Made

blunder years photos buzzz25

25. My Best Friend Wanted Me To Show Off This Beaut To This Subreddit, Dated 15 Years Back. Our College Dayz.. To Answer Your Question, Yes She Had An Assortment Of Bob Marley Posters In Her Dorm Room And Yes Her Parents Gave Her A Full Ride To Pursue An Art Degree

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26. Halloween 1998 When I Thought Dressing As A Giant Milkbone Would Make Dogs Like Me


27. Tbh, I Am Not Even Ashamed Of 2001 Me. I Miss Her

blunder years photos raspberryswirl531

28. I Wasn’t Very Popular At Catholic Youth Group


29. I Liked Turtles Before It Was Cool


30. My Friends Daughter Found Me In Our Junior High Year Book. And They Laughed, And Laughed…