40 Times People X-Rayed Things And Results Are Remarkable

X-rays have no so long history in our lives but since the day Wilhelm Röntgen discovered x-rays, it has an important place. People x-rayed things so many times that we could never find how much. Here are 40 people who x-rayed different and interesting things.

1. Roommate Is A Radiology Major And Today They X-Rayed Flowers. Thought You Guys Might Enjoy

x-rayed thingsdaisy_cutter_

2. 5-Day Progression Of Covid Pneumonia


3. X-Ray Of A Pregnant Dog


4. X-Ray Of A Kiwi Bird With Its Egg

x-rayed thingscasualphilosopher1

5. The Radiology Waiting Room In Local Hospital Has The Usual Naff Floral Decor, Except… They’re X-Rays


6. X-Ray Of A Stingray


7. X-Ray Of A Hammerhead Shark

x-rayed thingsFishguy_FHL

8. An X-Ray Of An Egyptian Sarcophagus Revealed A Kitten Inside

Campbell Price

9. I Have A Rare Disorder Called Cleidocranial Dysotosis. Got My First Dental X-Ray Today And I Have A Lot Of Extra Teeth

x-rayed thingsNicolasNSane

10. X-Ray Scans Of A Painting Of The Young Charles II Of Spain Reveal That The Artist Painted Over An Earlier Painting When Charles Was A Few Years Younger