30 Hilarious Pics From People Posted On The ‘Blunder Years’

The subreddit titled ‘Blunder Years’ is a place that people are posting the funniest photos from their awkward childhoods. Take a look at some of the most hilarious ones!

1. Somehow Removed The Period Of Time That I Would Draw Glasses And A Smiley Face On My Face Every Day From My Memory

blunder years photo svolio

2. Age 8 Or 9, Cosplaying As Marie Antoinette. I’m A Guy


3. My Mom Calls This Photo A Family Heirloom Lol. 16 Yrs Ago, Me (F 13) And My BF (M 13) At The Olive Garden


4. I Think I Was The Youngest Loan Shark In History


5. My Parents Kindly Supported My Peak Edgelord Phase

6. Here I Am At Six Years Old, Going On 40, Looking Like I’m Ready To Do Your Taxes


7. This Is How I Showed To To University. I Wanted To Make A Statement. Apparently That Statement Was Cross The Street With Your Kids When I Come Walking Down The Sidewalks Oh Muggles…


8. I Call This Look “Christian Granny Goth” And It Was Pretty Bold For A 12 Year Old In 1995

blunder years photo


9. Me At 11-12 Trying To Look Too Cool For The Pirates Ride At Disneyland While Simultaneously Dressing Specifically For It

blunder years photo MimeTheGap

10. Anytime My Wife Sees This She Burst Out Laughing… I Thought I Looked Cool

blunder years photo Meowimpersian