30 Hilarious Pics From People Posted On The ‘Blunder Years’

11. In 1987 I Permed My Mullet To Look More Like Patrick Swayze. I Ended Up Looking Like A Lesbian Biker


12. Me And Friends Before A Disturbed Concert In 2006. We’re So Cool Posing In Front Of Mom And The Van

blunder years photos Shewolfkitty

13. Prom 2009, I Was A Sophmore In High School And I Took School Dances A Litte Too Seriously. Also I Didn’t Have A Date


14. On The Left Is My Son Callum At 8 Years Old On Halloween. He Is Dressing As Eminem. On The Right Is Me At 8 Years Old. I Dressed As Steve Urkel. I Stand By My Choice

blunder years photos akhardy12

15. Those Who Cannot Remember The Past Are Condemned To Repeat It

blunder years photos borrow_a_feeling

16. Good Ol’ Facebook Reminding Me Of How Cringey I Was In Highschool. Hot Pink Fishnets Stuffed With Grass


17. Whilst Taking A Passport Photo I Was Told To ‘Open My Eyes And Smile More’…

blunder years photos reddit.com

18. Me, Circa 1991. My Mom Let Me Get The Laser Background. I Am So Proud Of This Pic!


19. When You Go For The Kurt Cobain But End Up Getting Called “Mmm Bop”


20. I Was Like 9 And I Got A Little Obsessed With The Hippie Aesthetic

blunder years photos sadpasta2